Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reminiscent Entries

The other night my best friend came back from the holidays and we had one of those nights that mimic the past.  The entire night we were so incredibly giddy and just happy, happy for no particular reason. It felt like we were 15 again and enjoying every new experience we could possibly squeeze in before we had to go back home.  Everything makes you laugh and smile and your relishing in this good time that's also reminiscent of the past.  I guess it was so great because I hadn't just felt genuinely happy and laughed so much in so long.

Earlier that day I had stumbled upon my old live journal....oh vay.  To say the least it's stereotypical of a normal teenager growing up.  Without having realized it I had chronicled my entire freshman year.  I had shared this with my best friend and sure enough later that night when we were hanging out we got out old books filled with our thoughts and journals.  I never really kept a journal except for live journal and am more into writing and creating things that inspire me then actually daily doings.  I shared these poems, lyrics, thoughts with her and she picked a few that I should share with you.  I thought about it awhile and have finally decided to.  That's why this blog is here. So, I will be sharing various thoughts, poems, etc into separate entries in posts entitled "From the Mind of Me".  Some of these posts will also include art along with the entry simply because I also love to draw especially at the time that I had written in these books...

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