Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Happy Year

It's the 11th day into the new year and so far it's been good. As a person who likes resolutions and promises to better themselves and their lives, it is always no surprise to myself when I fall short and nothing I wanted for myself was accomplished or even attempted. The year goes by like that and on the brink of a brand new one I look back and sure enough  I seem to have let myself just stand by and do nothing, waiting for something exciting and life changing to happen. I guess you can say it hasn't been the greatest three years of my life...and yes I know, it's been THREE years, so I'm making the promise to myself that this year will be different. I am not waiting anymore. If I want something to happen I will make it happen. This is my pledge to be happy and have the fulfillment I've always wanted in my life and I thought by starting a blog and writing about and seeing the things I want to accomplish will help give me the strength to actually do it because as of right now this is a new happy year!