Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From the Mind of Me #1

"From the Mind of Me"  
is a place I share collections of self expression 
and are literary pieces, thoughts, poems, stories, lyrics 
and other works of writing. 

When I was out of breath you were the one to make me breathe
when all I saw were lies you were the one who made me believe
that love exists
that love is real
that love isn't love without you
If you're drowning, know that I will jump in after you
i would do my best to save you but if i do not succeed
your death would be the death of me
because life isn't life without you

when i couldn't speak you still understood me
life without you is not worth living
because if i were to lose you, i'd lose me
that life isn't life without you
a life not worth living


Reminiscent Entries

The other night my best friend came back from the holidays and we had one of those nights that mimic the past.  The entire night we were so incredibly giddy and just happy, happy for no particular reason. It felt like we were 15 again and enjoying every new experience we could possibly squeeze in before we had to go back home.  Everything makes you laugh and smile and your relishing in this good time that's also reminiscent of the past.  I guess it was so great because I hadn't just felt genuinely happy and laughed so much in so long.

Earlier that day I had stumbled upon my old live journal....oh vay.  To say the least it's stereotypical of a normal teenager growing up.  Without having realized it I had chronicled my entire freshman year.  I had shared this with my best friend and sure enough later that night when we were hanging out we got out old books filled with our thoughts and journals.  I never really kept a journal except for live journal and am more into writing and creating things that inspire me then actually daily doings.  I shared these poems, lyrics, thoughts with her and she picked a few that I should share with you.  I thought about it awhile and have finally decided to.  That's why this blog is here. So, I will be sharing various thoughts, poems, etc into separate entries in posts entitled "From the Mind of Me".  Some of these posts will also include art along with the entry simply because I also love to draw especially at the time that I had written in these books...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

TEA: The Yummy Antioxidant!

Anyone who knows me knows of my love for tea, green tea to be exact, and my love for China.  Why not combine both?! This is more along the lines as a trivial post for fun. China is definately known for thier tea being the country's most popular drink! In recent decades people have been drinking tea from modern glasses or cups as we do in the Western world.  However, traditionally they drink tea from a Gaiwan  or three piece cup.

The use of a Gaiwan  aids in the infusion of the tea leaves.  The lid keeps leaves in the cup and not in your mouth.  The saucer helps prevent fingers from burning.

Tea in Chinese is chá . The most popular types of tea people in China drink are as follows:

Green Lǜ  tea chá ; Green tea chá 綠茶
Green tea  uses leaves dried without fermentation and is the most common tea.  It is usually baked immediately after picking.

Black tea Hóngchá 紅茶Hóng  actually means Red and this is because black tea colors during fermentation into a brew that is red in color thus explaining its Chinese name.

Flower tea Huāchá 花茶; Flower Huā .  This tea is a mix of green tea with flower petals such as jasmine, rose and chrysanthemum.  So pretty!

Pu'er tea 普洱 is from Yunnan and is green or black tea that is compressed into blocks.  That's why it's also called Brick tea

Oolong wūlóng chá 烏龍 tea is highly prized in China and is a lightly fermented tea.  It is blue-green in color depending on the fermentation and tea leaves used and is also known as Black Dragon tea.

Eight Bā  Treasure bǎo  Tea chá ; Eight Treasure tea Bā bǎo chá 八寶 typically has about eight ingredients in it like Chrysanthemum, Green Tea, Honeysuckle, Licorice, Dates,Dried longan, Haw, Dried Tangerine, Rock Sugar, and Wolfberry.  All of these ingredients can be interchanged with each other and mixed to make up eight ingredients.  Definitely the most colorful of them all!

Yak butter tea is less popular than any of the other teas.  Tibetans are known to enjoy Yak butter tea mostly.  It actually looks really yummy!

Although most of these teas are traditionally served hot I prefer iced tea.  It's just more refreshing!  Even though I have to admit a nice warm cup of hot tea is perfect when it's cold out.

*sigh* I can't wait until the day I actually go to China and try all of these authentic teas for myself...until then I guess Starbucks will just have to do.  Oh wait, that's right I can get Starbucks in China too!  Starbucks Xīngbakè 星巴克

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Say What You Want Need to Say

I hate when I have so much to say but just can't ever seem to let the words leave my mouth. I can't even type the words down.  I can't even write it out.  I've always been known to speak my mind and always have an opinion especially when it counts.  

I will not be censored nor bleeped out.  If you do not like the words coming out of my mouth or the words I write down shut your eyes shut your ears but never tell me to shut my mouth.  Because this thing is beautiful and speaks leaps and bounds, it has a way with words and will strive to be heard...especially when it counts.

*this goes for everything not just curse words...don't ever be afraid to speak your mind!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Quick Post

Erm...going on almost 4 months since my first blog. About 10% of the reason is due to laziness. PROMISE. The other 90% has been so many things happening one after another!!!! *more elaboration in another post :)
This week coming up is STI Awareness week and me and all of the other Human Sexuality students at MCC are participating and throwing a Condom Carnival!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Happy Year

It's the 11th day into the new year and so far it's been good. As a person who likes resolutions and promises to better themselves and their lives, it is always no surprise to myself when I fall short and nothing I wanted for myself was accomplished or even attempted. The year goes by like that and on the brink of a brand new one I look back and sure enough  I seem to have let myself just stand by and do nothing, waiting for something exciting and life changing to happen. I guess you can say it hasn't been the greatest three years of my life...and yes I know, it's been THREE years, so I'm making the promise to myself that this year will be different. I am not waiting anymore. If I want something to happen I will make it happen. This is my pledge to be happy and have the fulfillment I've always wanted in my life and I thought by starting a blog and writing about and seeing the things I want to accomplish will help give me the strength to actually do it because as of right now this is a new happy year!