Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From the Mind of Me #1

"From the Mind of Me"  
is a place I share collections of self expression 
and are literary pieces, thoughts, poems, stories, lyrics 
and other works of writing. 

When I was out of breath you were the one to make me breathe
when all I saw were lies you were the one who made me believe
that love exists
that love is real
that love isn't love without you
If you're drowning, know that I will jump in after you
i would do my best to save you but if i do not succeed
your death would be the death of me
because life isn't life without you

when i couldn't speak you still understood me
life without you is not worth living
because if i were to lose you, i'd lose me
that life isn't life without you
a life not worth living


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