Saturday, January 7, 2012

NYE 2012

*DISCLAIMER:  New Year’s Eve celebrations, no matter how hard you try, will undoubtedly be filled with drama, fights, mingling, massive intakes of alcohol, strange encounters and of course the kiss.

Now a lot happened, some good some bad, but overall I had a really good time and wouldn’t have spent my last night of 2011 any other way.  Despite the mishaps and misbehaving you have to always look on the bright side because, well shit happens, you win some and you lose some but the greatest thing is the adventure and the people you have along for the ride.  So take a peek at what the night was like and it will hopefully remind you of how great or not-so great your NYE was too.
The Fiesta Bowl Block Party happens every year and Mill Avenue plays host to the fun filled shenanigans that ensue for New Year's Eve celebrations.   
Me and three of my friends were to experience it for the first time. 
This is our story...

If your 21+ you better know by now that pre-gaming will be your best bet for a cheap buzz, that is of course if your short on cash.  Rose Champagne is no exception!  It's New Year's Eve and champagne is expected plus it also happens to by my favorite alcoholic drink.  One bottle down and...

To lessen the douche bag status luckily our friend Illyssa called Clean Air Cab.  WOO here we come!!

Once we arrive to Mill and past the gates, tickets torn with no re-entry, we are ecstatic as we make our way to Vintage.  Now I may be blond but I pride myself on not being such a stereotype in terms of actually being dumb.  However, everyone blond or not have "blond moments" that can cause laughter or in our case...chaos.

"Shit!  I forgot my ID...
...and there's no re-entry!"

Yep...thanks to me we had to spend nearly 2 hours coming up with a plan to have someone go get the ID and bring it back without having to shell out more money for a ticket.  If it wasn't for one of the ticket guys working at the gate feeling sorry for us and slipping us a free ticket I would have just left.  Also, thank you Krystal for getting my ID...I am forever in your debt!
...while we were waiting...

Finally! Let's go to VINTAGE!

It was a great time where we had our own table and bottle of Grey Goose and spent most of the time dancing on the booth with our heels off because that's just how we roll.  It was packed and crazy!  Oh yeah and I must say Chelsea, Krystal & Illyssa have damn good dance moves!  We basically rang in the New Year overlooking the massive crowd outside and following the countdown the kissing began.  Illyssa had her first NYE kiss and the rest of us kissed each other...Les be wish!

So during this wonderful time at Vintage an asshole enters and upsets Krystal so Chelsea and Illyssa make it their duty to kick him out and with such success! *I've never been around such bad asses in my life* Now that the disaster is over we decide to go to The Tavern.
Side note:  The girls were kind enough to hold on to my wallet because I did not bring a purse.
 We are walking up to Tavern and on our way in I ask for my wallet.  Several seconds later we realize it's missing...

...oh and to add the cherry on top of that fucking sundae I asked Krystal to check her wallet to see if it was in there and we find out someone stole a LOT of $$$ money from her...

 We storm back to Vintage and Illyssa & Krystal go back into Vintage to look for our stuff while Chelsea tries to calm me down on the street.  (I couldn't go back in because I didn't have my ID)  My wallet is found with everything intact but unfortunately Krystal's $$$ is still gone.
Just and FYI to people who do stuff like this:  KARMA'S A BITCH and you'll get yours! Oh you will get yours!

By this time everyone's morale is kinda low and while the girls discuss whether or not to go home yet I sit on the curb.  As I'm sitting there I see this hot guy walking towards me and the following happens:

Hot guy: "What's wrong?"
Me:  "Oh, my feet hurt."
Hot guy: "I'm sorry would you like a New Year's Eve kiss?"
Me: "Yeah!"

Standing on the street of Mill Ave we kiss and then to Chelsea's surprise start to make out.  *sigh* He tasted like vodka and RedBull but I didn't care.  Apparently RedBull does give you wings!

Hot guy: "What's your name?"
Me: "Courtney, and yours?"
Hot guy:  "Jayden."
at this point I notice he's holding a massive sub
Me: "Wow what a big sub!"
Hot guy: "'s meatball"
Me: "Oh yum!"

We part and he begins to walk away and I thought I should have gotten his number but decided against it.  Best to just catch him and set him free.  I will always look back and think fondly of him as Jayden Meatball sub.  By this time the girls have finally decided to just go home so we walk to Chili's where we were to be picked up.

Only here can you be questioned by homeless people asking whether you would prefer to be a sex addict or a drug addict.  It is also here where you can catch angry drunken men getting into a fight and acting stupid.  Thanks for the show!

After about 30 minutes of this we finally are on our way back to Illyssa's.  Most AKWARD car ride ever!  Once we finally get back to Illyssa's we are of course really hungry so we gorge on Jack in The Box until 3 in the morning talking and going over everything that happened.

It was a dramatic night to say the least but also very fun.  I wouldn't have changed a thing!

Chelsea, Illyssa and Krystal