Saturday, December 1, 2012

From the Mind of Me #2

"From the Mind of Me"  
is a place I share collections of self expression 
and are literary pieces, thoughts, poems, stories, lyrics 
and other works of writing. 


The little girl cries herself to sleep
sweet musings to the monster
listening underneath

She knows not of him
or the times he crawls in her bed
but every time she wakes up
there's that feeling of despair
that brings back her tears

She knows something is wrong
but is never able to figure it out
and the monster under her bed
smiles while he growls

She knows not of the monster under her bed
but feels a creep beneath her skin
is she crazy for always being sad?

The monster shakes his head, "No"
She asks herself, "Why do I always feel so alone?"
and the monster says
"It's because I'm here my dear
and I'll never let you go"


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